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I've started a "Face a Day" challenge. Every day since more than a week now I draw a portrait in varying styles, depending on time and energy to my disposal ^^. I'm not sure I should post them on Deviantart though, most are nothing more that doodles. But maybe I can make a "face dump" every once in a while ^^
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The new job is no longer that new anymore :) It's still a lot of work, but there's room in my head for new inspirations.

Don't expect a lot of new comic pages very soon, but one of the story that I've been trying to work on for years now is finally taking shape again: Tom's Tesuji, where Willy and Evita are around 12/13 and have friends and classmates and they all start to play go. It's a bit more than that, there will be love, jealousy, competition, cats and dragons! 

I wasn't happy with the story in just our normal world. So many of the books I like reading are either completly in a fantasy world, or at least for a part. So I decided to write something I would love to read, I should have thought of that before... It does effect some of the main characters. Some are undergoing some drastic personality changes! (Not Willy or Evita though, they don't ever change... much).
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Last weekend I was at Abunai to help give a go workshop and tournament. In the room next to ours there was the Mangaschool and I sat down and coloured some of my "fanart" of Sword Art Online. But I also remembered all my plans to write and draw my own comic. It's been effectively standing still for two years now. Oh, once in a while I will draw something for it, or think about the story, but nothing really moves forwards. 

This year I expect I'm going to be really busy with work. I want also to make time for the go workshops I give, the illustrations I make for Zonnespel and the game of a friend. I'm already cancelling a few of my other activities and plans to give myself room, so massive time on my comic will be out of the question. I shouldn't even consider it. It's always been difficult for me to concentrate my efforts on only a few projects at a time, but now I really need to, out of self-defence.

At moments like this I feel old, yet not old enough.

Combine this with the fact that within a month I'm forced to move house... I think I will have a high wave to overcome the upcoming time ^^ Lets see if I can surf on it or that it will crash over my head.
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I got a teaching job! Upcoming school year I will be teaching biology and earning money!
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I just finished a new logo for the internet go school Yunguseng Dojang ( Both the owner of the school and I are happy with the result. It's already on the site, but the plan is to also print it on t-shirts, cups and such.

It shows that go is not to be messed with. It's a strong mindgame. :)
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Hopelessly addicted to ATC's now... But I hope it's a good thing ^^ I like making and finishing lots of little projects.
Anyway I should get back to writing my report for finishing up my training as biology teacher. In a few weeks at the latest I'll be officially a First Degree Biology Teacher!

Sounds impressive doesn't it? If only it wasn't so difficult to find a teaching job in the middle of a schoolyear...

*grins* I'll manage somehow. Very soon there will be another assignment for illustrating a board game, so I have that to look forwards to. I really should use this "between school and job" time to brush up my portfolio!

But first! Write write write!
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I'm in a drawing mood. Though mostly drawing from example at the moment. I felt really rusty, still do in fact. But after five pages of monsters (from various comics) and two portraits (one girl from Nepal and one surprise) that will be inked and painted, I feel a bit better. ^^
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It feels like this project is finally really on the road, as if all the writing of the script, drawing of the storyboard and developing of the characters didn't count. I just posted the first picture of three of the characters. I have two more, with different characters, sketched and waiting to be inked.

Now I just need to learn how to ink... It's dismal! I haven't inked in such a long while. The dream storyline, on which I worked for nearly three years, was watercoloured on copies of the sketches, so no inking there. I did some inking for an illustration assignment, but the style was completely different.

But I'm planning to practice, practice, practice. I have no idea how fast this all will go. I'm not planning on colouring the comic of Tom's Tesuji (which will be at least 60/70 pages, if not longer), just some of these "pin-up" like pages in between and the covers.

More is coming ^^
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Be one of the first 3 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will put your avatar and three deviations that I will personally select from your gallery in this "Share the Art" feature.

The idea behind this is NOT to get a free feature, but to help spread art and artists around for everyone. So why not check out the artists on other peoples' list?

1. Tihanne Suske en Wiske by Tihanne B. Randslang by Tihanne Toolbox by Tihanne Dragon hat by Tihanne
2. Razkall Torn Preview by Razkall

Mature Content

Post realism by Razkall

3. Afke11 :thumb271813346: Nom for Halloween by afke11   Droomoog by afke11
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Last november was a big succes when I found that I could write 50.000 pages in 30 days. So when I heard about Script Frenzy in April where people try to write 100 pages script in 30 days I thought it would be fun to try that too. Especially when I learned you could also write comic scripts and I almost finished my current storyline of Willy and Evita!

Already I have a plotted a plotline and I can tell you a little bit about it:
- Tom will be the main character and Willy and Evita important supporting caste.
- They will be a bit older, around 11 or 12.
- There will be Go in it.

As some of you know, I play a lot of go. I started playing go after watching and reading Hikaru no Go, a Japanese anime/manga about a boy starting to play go and slowly he becomes one of the best youth players in Japan.
I've been wanting to make a comic about go too. Even though there are already a lot of little joke comics about go, like "Empty Triangle". And at the Go Centre they have Japanese comic books that explain the story, oh and I have the first episode of one in Korean.

But I can't seem to make short jokes about go. And those comics to explain go are all fine, but the story isn't very important there. I liked Hikaru no Go because the characters were fun and the story was interesting and you got to know the Japanese Go world bit by bit. I want to write (and draw) a story like that.

So that's what I'm going to try to do. Except of course Tom, Willy and Evita will be learning go in the Netherlands and more specifically in The Hague, probably *grins* I might even cameo myself and some of my club mates. At least the whole organisation will be in it! I'll have to be careful people are not too recognisable and work mainly with types. But I'm excited to start writing.

I have a plot, at least for the first part. I think it can be a long story. There will be love, rivalry, exciting matches and disappointment, new adventures and they'll meet all kinds of people.

Oh, and Midna (my cat) wants to be in it too... Though I hope she'll refrain from more input like the one she had last time (check out page 28 of the dream story, on the moving van "laadklep", the thing that comes down and that you walk on, you can see the mark of two of her nails when she tried to sharpen them on my pages...)
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I normally don't do many memes, but this one looks nice. I saw it at *Chidori's journal and apparently it's originally *Saniikas christmas initiative.

Step 1.
Make a post in your dA journal (the manual INCLUDED). The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV.") The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.
If you wish for real-life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.

Step 2.
Surf around your friends list (or friends friends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:
If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use--or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free--do it.
You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call.
There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

Step 3.
The list:
1) Collected Rhymes and Verses (by Walter de la Mare, I just love this book, I want a copy that's old and preferably from a library, because that's like the copy I have borrowed from the library countless times. If I wasn't so honest I'd steal it from my own library...),   
2) Steampunkery (a friend of mine has other books by her and her style inspires me to try new things, preferably in combination with Girl Genius style thingies),
3) Mushishi 6 (I have most of the rest of the series, but this part out of print and so very very expensive on amazon... I found this link on a German site and it doesn't say if the book is in English or German, though the description of the story is English, but even is it is in German, I think I can understand it well enough),

... Are books all I can think of? Apparently... Ok, let's go to the other kind of wishes:

4) I'd love to go scuba diving in (or rather off the coast of) Australia. (I know most people go to the great barrier reefs and I don't mind going there, but I'm also very keen to go diving in the south west.)
5) I'd love to be part of biological fieldwork again somewhere. (I've done a little research myself on Schiermonnikoog as part of my study and I've helped a little bit in Australia (near Walpole) and I miss the way you get to places you'd normally never go to and see nature in a very different way from "normal".)
6) I wish I would go on a walking holiday somewhere. (I never seem to be able to find someone to go with me, because I like to go walking and then camp somewhere, pack up the next day and walk again. I want to see new things all the time and feel free to go where I like without having to worry I have to come back somewhere before nightfall. Vacations like this also make you see nature in a very special way, if you're walking in the right place of course. Bibbulmun track is high on my wish-to-do-list in the catagory walking)

Okay, too much fresh air in my wish list, back to "books":

7) I wish someone (maybe me) would make an animation with my comic characters Willy and Evita (I'd like to make it myself, but I've never made an animation before and it's a bit scary to do *snif*)
8) I wish the webcomic Cat Legend would continue. (The artist has just had a baby, so I understand she doesn't have the energy and will to work on it right now, but I really love it and she has let others draw her story before when she was really busy a time. I really wouldn't mind drawing a few pages for her story! Especially since my current Willy and Evita story line is running out and I don't have anything big, comic wise, planned soon)
9) I also wish the webcomic Terinu would continue. (The main character is in space... without a spacesuit! For months now! The poor little bugger must be frozen solid :S )

My last wish must be important...

10) I want to see a Humpback Whale for real one day. (When I was little I used to watch Jacques Cousteau all the time and one day I got a book about whales with a series of photos in it of a Humpback whale jumping out of the water and splashing back in. I used to flip the book so it would make a little animation. That book and the Jacques Cousteau movies made me study biology, but it was really the idea of the Humpback Whale jumping out of the water that made me do it)
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I'm a winner at the nanowrimo of 2010!

For a while there I didn't think I would. But I persevered! I'm so happy I made it :) Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with this half finished story. It's just about at the point where it gets exciting. I think I'll write 50k words in december too!

*Tamara's sense of reality kicks in*

Definately not! Not again several nights without nearly enough sleep and walking around like a zombie during the day. But I will keep writing it because I want to know how it ends... Just not at such in insane tempo...
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Next time I'm planning on drawing pages with so many details, please remind me not to colour them! I'm thinking I should maybe forget about colouring these pages... it's not getting better when I add colours. (grrrr)
Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow to finish them. After all, I've finished the sketches over a month ago, so I just need to colour them, scan them and put text in them and post... Sounds like a lot of work actually.

Especially next to a nanowrimo novel, which is going great by the way! I'm even slightly ahead of schedule. Maybe I'll make a comic out of it... *thinks about all the details* Or not...

Anyway, New pages of Willy and Evita are being coloured finally and hopefully they'll turn out well enough that I don't scrap them and start over!

P.S. The fimo dragons that are up couldn't have been made without Petra's help ^^
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Lately I've been setting a new rythm, since I am pauzing from the academy for a year I have some time left for other things, like fitness, (more) go, dancing and... drawing Willy and Evita pages! I've sketched two already and I'll draw one more so that I can colour in all the finishing pages of this storyline. That's right, that will be the end of the dream story. And the beginning of something new of course!

What that new story will be, I'm not telling :) But you can expect some new chracters. Maybe I'll make some stand alone images of Willy, Evita and those other characters, before I start on a big new project.

Anyway, I posted a small preview of one of the new pages. Enjoy!
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Hmm, I don't mind the new look and the new menu and stuf. The new ways to navigate seem pretty intuitive so far. But what I really really hate is the new places for ads! Some of them just go OVER the art. OVER it, as in, part of the picture is obscured by moving, irritating ads with bouncing balls, cheesy 3d sims or some such things. And the worst are the ads that actually make sound of course.

Luckily I also saw that the ads aren't always covering the pictures, so it's not all bad, but I'm still pretty pissed that they're making it near impossible to just be on deviantart without paying. It's like they're chasing away anyone who can't (or won't) pay for this.

*sigh* Maybe I'm being unfair. Since the people at deviantart are working very hard to make this website and I'm just enjoying it for free. Maybe I should pay to thank them. But I don't have the money and besides. It's not as if I do very much here!

Maybe when I post images weekly I'll think about it.
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Almost finished colouring the next two pages of Willy and Evita... Finally! I don't think I've taken this long to start painting before and also the first time it took me more than two days to finish (I usually spend a day on it) But I'm a bit out of practice and it's not all going the way I like. Some of the colours are turning out differently and the girls look much older all of a sudden *snif* maybe it's because I've been working on this storyline for four years. I'm so ashamed. But only a few more pages and it's the end.

Anyway, not much longer! Unless I take another month writing the letters... I hope not.
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Today I went against my better judgement and walked into the Slegte (a bookstore with used books). There I found "Strips tekenen en schrijven", by Duc. It's an old book about comics that I've read many times at the library before they didn't have it any more. They threw it away, lost it, or sold it and I missed it, or whatever.

It might be one of the first books I read when I seriously started to think about drawing comics myself. It's not a theory book like Scott McCloud makes, or a "how to" like all those series about manga. It's more a dissecting of a lot of mostly European/French books into the essentials to show people what it takes to make a great comic in whatever genre, or style that you want. For example: it explains about viewpoints and it´s effects and also about use of colour and techniques used to draw lines. All with lots of examples out of real comics, so drawn by people who are good at what they do so you can see what's really possible.

Anyway I found I was really happy to have found it again: like meeting an old friend after many years. So of course I bought it ^^;

I'm also really looking forward to colouring the next two pages for Willy and Evita. The story line is almost finished and I'm aching to start something new. Maybe not with Willy and Evita, or if I do, in a different way. I'm thinking about:

1) a comic with true stories, mixed or not with a little fiction. It would have events of my own life in it, mixed with events of other people's lives that would be changed so it would be more about "events like that" and not exactly about "those events".

2) a comic with words that are part of the image. Though if I do that I'll have to choose if I use Dutch or English... I could also make this idea a series of short comics, a few, or even just one page and make some Dutch and some English.

3) a big story for Willy and Evita (and the boy). I have a few ideas that I could fit together in one big story, but it's not ready, I have no idea bow to begin that or if I can finish it. It's a bit vague...

Also I've been asked why I draw Willy and Evita. Some people assume I do it because I want to publish the stories. But I didn't really think about that when I started drawing.
Others say my stories are mostly for children, but not always and that that would make it hard to find a publisher. It made me wonder if I really want to draw for kids and if I should be more consistent, or if I should just forget about all those people and draw what I want to draw and don't worry about who it's for, or if I should draw for adults and see if I can make a story for them...

The comic with true stories might be a better direction if I really want to draw for adults ^^;

Sorry about this rambling. It's late and I felt like sharing and I shared a bit too much maybe...
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Wow, I submitted one of my comic pages to a club, because in their gallery they had no submission in that category and I thought it a shame ^^;

Though I never thought I'd get so many extra comments and even a few new people who are watching me now! At first it scared me a bit, then I wondered "why amd I scared?" Well... Now people are even more expecting this storyline to finish and even though I really want it too, so I can continue with something new, it's been hanging dormant for so long it feels a bit weird to suddenly start again, you know what I mean?

But this weekend I took the plunge and dug up the two next pages I had been working on. They were just in the plotting stage and one had a sketchy beginning. And now I have one page finished in black and white! The next is a bit simpeler, so I'm hoping to sketch that before the weekend and then I'll colour them next week. So hopefully there will be new pages online soon!

I'm going to scan and post some pre-sketches I made for one particulary troublesome panel in the next page. I knew what I wanted to say, but not how...
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I've been sketching on Willy faces for a few weeks now, in between homework, in the train, even during class a few times (I always think better when I'm doodling). And yesterday I finally inked the whole bunch and today it's online! 25 lovely expressions of Willy, and even more if you look in the scraps section. I put in all the sketches, including a few who only just didn't make it *snif*

Anyway, enjoy and hopefully I'll be able to post a comic page some time soon too. I've half a page in sketch fase so far.
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I have the best family!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2009, 5:25 AM
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